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Nonnie's Banana Nut Bread

Nonnie's Banana Nut Bread

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This delicious banana nut bread is another family recipe & is "famous" amongst our family & friends!  My grandmother, Nonnie, made this treat all the time! I remember many summer visits, in her kitchen, eating toasted banana nut bread with a little butter added to it. DELICIOUS!! This dense banana nut bread is extra moist & we pulverize the nuts in a food processor before adding to the batter.  As my children were growing up, they didn't like nuts in anything, but you can't have banana nut bread without the nuts! It's just not the same! So I started pulverizing them in my food processor so they wouldn't get larger pieces of nuts & what do you know?! They LOVE Nonnie's banana NUT bread!!  So that little adjustment to Nonnie's recipe has stuck!


Our banana nut bread is sold at JoJo's Espresso, in Germantown, TN!

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