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Happy's Almond Pound Cake

Happy's Almond Pound Cake

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"What's Happy's Pound Cake" you ask (it's actually known as "Aunt Happy's Pound Cake" in my family, but I've dropped the "Aunt")? This DIVINE treat is a family heirloom pound cake that dates back 120+ years, & is in EVERY one of our picnic baskets (you get a mini loaf/loaves, included in your basket, with one mini loaf being a serving size for 1 person)! 

There truly is no way to describe just how delicious this pound cake is, but imagine a crunchy crust & dense cake, with hints of almond, coconut & rum.  My mouth is watering just typing this!!  A LOT of love goes into making this pound cake, as it takes several hours, from start to finish, to make & bake it!

I could write a book about this recipe & my years of baking it, eating it, & sharing it with friends & family! You know that acronym “IYKYK”(If You Know You Know)? Well, that definitely applies here!! I’ve given countless people this pound cake, along with full dinners, for birthdays, welcome to the neighborhood “gifts”, loss of a loved one/just had a baby/get well soon/thinking of you meals…it NEVER FAILS…I inevitably get a thank you note or a call about “THAT pound cake”! Yes, it’s really THAT good!!  So, to me, it’s really a personal & special addition to my picnic baskets, that I’m 100% positive no one else can replicate!

In case you missed it, you get a mini loaf/loaves with all of our picnic baskets! One mini loaf is 1 serving, so you'll get as many mini loaves as you have guests!


We also sell our mini loaves at JoJo's Espresso, in Germantown, TN.

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